About Us

Who we are


HandCloud is a young firm of consultants, passionate about innovation and hard work, providing quality results for our clients.


We specialize on IT consulting services with more than 20 years of experience combined of our consultants in areas like ServiceNow, .Net and Web Development; always learning, innovating and building a better future.


HandCloud may be young, but our whole team of talented people speak for ourselves, since at the end, people is what matter the most.



What we are doing


Outsource Consulting


Connecting the hands of IT people

in the right projects.


Technology Development


Creating IT solutions for real

life problems.

Our Values

Your R3evenue

Real Results

Reliable Resources

Right Solutions

We offer a unique delivery model where your Company does not have to care about resources and technical complications, you just have to care about the results and the good compliments for those good results.


We compromise to have the right minds for the job ready there for you, avoiding those learning curves and spikes that every new project brings for new people.

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